6 Month Certificate of Deposit (CD) Rates: Best CD Rates at 0.91 Percent as Fiscal Cliff Nears

There were no big changes in the best 6 month CD rates available or average 6 month CD rates this week as we head towards the fiscal cliff. Current bank CD rates on 6 month certificates of deposit are at 0.50 percent, unchanged from the previous week's average 6 month rate. The best CD rates on our 6 month certificate of deposit rate are also changed at 0.91 percent.

Bond yields have been falling as the fiscal cliff talks (though the media) go nowhere. I believe both sides should get together and start talking about where to compromise instead of using the media to get their points across. Current 10 year bond yields are back below 1.60 percent today at 1.58 percent. When we do head over the cliff bond yields and CD rates at banks will make new record lows in 2013.

Surprisingly stock prices have increased the past several days but that will change as the markets come to the realization that chances are we are going over the cliff. In the long run a dose of higher taxes for everyone and less government spending will be a positive, unfortunately the current pain of falling back into another recession makes that hard to swallow.

Here is a quick list of the best short term (6 month) CD rates available on our rate list:

  • Doral Bank Rates 0.91%
  • GiantBank.com 0.80%
  • Colorado FSB 0.80%
  • Ascencia 0.78%
  • AloStar Bank of Commerce 0.76%
  • Able Banking 0.75%
  • Discover Bank 0.75%
  • Ally Bank 0.74%
  • E-Loan.com 0.71%

The top CD rates listed here on 6 month certificates of deposit are all above the current national average rate. All the banks listed here and all the banks on our rate tables have deposits insured by the FDIC to the maximum amount allowed by law. Search and compare CD interest rates for all types of certificate of deposit terms by searching our rate tables.

Author: Jason P. Jones
December 5th, 2012

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