Best CD Rates – Fall River, MA

Average 12 month CD rates are now just under .90 percent at 0.896 percent. You can find 12 month CD rates higher than the national average rates. Using our CD rate tables we searched for the highest 12 month CD rates in Fall River, Massachusetts.

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Sallie Mae Bank is number one with the best CD rate in Fall River. The bank's current 12 month CD rate is 1.54 percent with an annual percentage yield of 1.55 percent. Last week Sallie Mae Bank was tied with Tennessee Commerce Bank with the highest CD rate but TCB recently lowered their 12 month bank CD rate to 1.49 percent with an APY of 1.50 percent.

Second on the list of the best bank CD rates is Bank of Internet. The bank is currently offering their 12 month CD rate at 1.53 percent with an APY of 1.54 percent.

TCB, Discover Bank, Ally Bank and American Express Bank are all tied for third on the list of 12 month CD rates at banks and credit unions. The banks are currently offering 12 month CD rates 1.49 percent with an APY of 1.50 percent.

Best CD Rates - Fall River, MA

  1. Sallie Mae 1.55% APY Min $ 1
  2. Bank of Internet USA 1.54% APY Min $1000
  3. Discover Bank 1.50% APY Min $2500
  4. Ally Bank 1.50% APY Min $ 1
  5. American Express Bank FSB 1.50% APY Min $ 0
  6. Tennessee Commerce Bank CD Rates 1.50% APY Min $2500
  7. AIG Bank 1.49% APY Min $2500
  8. 1.46% APY Min $2500
  9. Nationwide Bank 1.40% APY Min $10,000
  10. Pentagon Federal Credit Union CD Rates 1.31% APY Min $1000
  11. EverBank 1.20% APY Min $1500
  12. BankDirect 1.11% APY Min $10,000
  13. Allstate Bank 1.10% APY Min $1000
  14. ING DIRECT CD Rates 1.00% APY Min $ 1
  15. First Internet Bank of IN 1.00% APY Min $1000
  16. Domestic Bank CD Rates 1.00% APY Min $500

Author: CD Rates
May 19th, 2010

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