California Community Bank CD Rates: 2 Year CD Yields at 1.56%

California Community Bank, a small bank with branches in California is offering one of the highest CD rates on a 2 year certificate of deposit. The current 2 year bank CD rate is 1.55% with a bank CD yield of 1.56%. That rate is higher than current national average 2 year CD rate of 0.96%.

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California Community Bank's certificates of deposit terms do have a lot of flexibility. Certificate of deposit accounts are available with terms ranging between 7 days to 5 years and every term in between those terms.

California Community Bank's other certificate of deposit rates are not the best rates available but they are competitive. 12 to 17 month CD rates are at 1.00% with an APY of 1.00%. The best CD rates on 12 month CDs can be found at high as 1.29%.

7 day to 29 day certificate of deposits have a current CD interest rate of 0.25% with an APY of 0.25%. 1 to 2 month certificates of deposit have a rate and yield of 0.40%.

CD Rates California Community Bank

7 to 29 Days 0.25% Yield 0.25% 

1 to 2 Months 0.40% Yield 0.40% 

3 to 5 Months 0.50% Yield 0.50% 

6 to 11 Months 0.75% Yield 0.75% 

12 to 17 Months 1.00% Yield 1.00% 

18 to 23 Months 1.25% Yield 1.26% 

24 to 35 Months 1.55% Yield 1.56% 

36 to 47 Months 1.80% Yield 1.81% 

48 to 59 Months 2.01% Yield 2.03% 

60 Months 2.40% Yield 2.43% 

You probably haven't heard of California Community Bank, they have branch locations in Escondido, Vista, Encinitas and San Diego, California. The bank's deposits are FDIC insured. The bank is also a publicly traded company on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) under the symbol “CABK.

Author: Robert Till
May 17th, 2011

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