CD Interest Rates Atlanta, GA

Searching our CD rates list in Atlanta, Georiga we found Bank of Internet has the best 12 month CD rate. Bank of Internet's current 1 year bank CD rate is 1.30 percent with a bank CD yield of 1.31 percent. The national average 12 month CD rate is about half Bank of Internet's rate. The current national average 12 month CD rate of 0.67percent as reported by MonitorBankRates and Informars.  
The second highest 12 month rate on our list in Atlanta, GA is from Ally Bank. The bank's current 12 month CD rate is 1.28 percent with a bank CD yield of 1.29 percent.

Union National Bank and Pentagon Federal Credit are tied with the third best interestrate on our list in Atlanta. Both PenFedand Union National are offering 1 year rates at 1.25 percent with a yield of 1.26 percent.

Atlanta, Georgia CD Interest Rates

Bank of Internet USA 1.41% Min  $1000 Discover Bank 1.30% Min  $2500 Sallie Mae 1.30% Min  $ 1 Ally Bank 1.29% Min  $ 1 PenFed 1.26% Min  $1000 Nationwide Bank 1.25% Min  $10,000 1.21% Min  $2500 AIG Bank 1.15% Min  $2500 Tennessee Commerce Bank 1.05% Min  $2500 EverBank 1.03% Min  $1500 Maine Bank & Trust Company 1.01% Min  $1000 ING DIRECT 1.00% Min  $ 1 First Internet Bank of IN 1.00% Min  $1000
Author: Jason P. Jones
February 9th, 2011
Posted in: CD Rates from Banks