CD Rates from Hudson City Savings Bank

Hudson City Savings Bank’s says its able to give depositors higher CD rates since the bank's costs are so low, as a result they past the savings onto depositors. While Hudson City Savings Bank doesn't offer the best CD rates their rates are competitive and higher than the national averages.

The highest CD rates of course on the bank's longest term certificates of deposit which are 5 year CDs. Today's 5 year bank CD rates are at 1.615 percent with an annual percentage yield (APY) of 1.65 percent.

The second longest CD term at the bank are 4 year certificates of deposit. 4 year CD bank rates right now are at 1.371 percent with an APY of 1.40 percent. That CD rate is higher than most CD rates at banks for 4 year certificates of deposit

Hudson City CD Rates

  • 91-Day Simple CD Rates 0.40% Yield 0.40%
  • 4-Month Daily (365/365) Bank CD Rates 0.40% Yield 0.40%
  • 5-Month Daily (365/365) CD Interest Rates 0.40% Yield 0.40%
  • 6-Month Simple CD Rates 0.40% Yield 0.40%
  • 7-Month Daily (365/365) CD Rates 0.45% Yield 0.45%
  • 9-Month Daily (365/365) CD Rates 0.45% Yield 0.45%
  • 1-Year Daily (365/360) CD Rates 0.64% Yield 0.65% 
  • 13-Month Daily (365/360) CD Rates 0.69% Yield 0.70%
  • 18-Month Daily (365/360) CD Rates 0.88% Yield 0.90%
  • 2-Year Daily (365/360) CD Rates 0.98% Yield 1.00%
  • 30-Month Daily (365/360) CD Rates 0.98% Yield 1.00%
  • 3-Year Daily (365/360) CD Rates 1.18% Yield 1.20%
  • 4-Year Daily (365/360) CD Rates 1.37% Yield 1.40%
  • 5-Year Daily (365/360) CD Rates 1.61% Yield 1.65%

Hudson City Savings Bank is based in the Northeast. The bank branches in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Opening a certificate of deposit is quick and easy on the bank's website. You can open an account here: Hudson City Savings Bank CD Application.

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July 28th, 2012

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