Grand Bank CD Rates

Grand Bank, N.A, headquartered in Hamilton Square, New Jersey, is offering some of the best CD rates available at any bank or credit union. Both short term CD rates and long term CD rates are good deals at the bank. 3 month bank CD rates are at 0.50% with a bank CD yield of 0.50%. That rate is higher than the national average 3 month rate of 0.23% as reported by

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Grand Bank's 6 month CD interest rates are currently at 0.90% with a CD yield of 0.90%. The bank’s 6 month rate is better than most 12 month CD rates at banks. Grand Bank's rate is more than three times the current national average rate of 0.27%.

Grand Bank’s other bank CD rates are also considerably higher than the average rates.  1 year certificate of deposit rates are currently at 1.19% with a CD yield of 1.20%. Current 60 month CD rates are going for 2.76% with a CD yield of 2.80%.

The bank is also advertising two No Penalty CD rates. A 6 month No Penalty rate of 0.60% and a 12 month No Penalty rate of 0.70%.

CD Rates from Grand Bank

  • 3 Month Rate .50% Yield 0.50%
  • 6 Month Rate 0.90% Yield 0.90%
  • 12 Month Rate 1.19% Yield 1.20%
  • 15 Month Rate 1.21% Yield 1.22%
  • 18 Month Rate 1.24% Yield 1.25%
  •  24 Month Rate 1.73% Yield 1.75%
  • 36 Month Rate 1.98% Yield 2.00%
  • 48 Month Rate 2.08% Yield 2.10%
  • 60 Month Rate 2.76% Yield 2.80%

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Author: Lisa Graham
August 4th, 2011

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