Highest 3 Month CD Rates in New Jersey

Certificate of deposit rates are so low these days interest rates have no where to go but higher. The big question is when will rates go higher? At this point we can only speculate but we hope interest rates will start heading higher sometime in 2011.

That being said we recommend investing in short term certificate of deposit of less than 12 months. Preferably 3 month to 6 month certificate of deposit is probably best so you take advantage of higher interest rates when they finally do arrive.

Right now the current national average 3 month CD rate is only 0.29 percent. You can find 3 month certificate of deposit rates higher than the national averages. To make your search easier we have compiled a list of the highest CD rates at banks and highest credit unions in the state of New Jersey. We also have listed the lowest CD rates for your amusement.

The highest 3 month CD rate on our New Jersey list of 3 month CD rates is offered by BankDirect. The bank’s current 3 month CD rate is 0.75 percent with an annual percentage yield (APY) of 0.75 percent. The minimum opening certificate of deposit account balance is $10,000.

Ally Bank has the second best 3 month bank CD rate in New Jersey. Ally Bank's 3 month interest rate is 0.74 percent with an APY of .074 percent. The minimum opening balance at Ally is only $1.

The worst 3 month NJ CD rate belongs to Wachovia Bank. The bank's current 3 month CD rate is 0.01 percent. Next in line with the second worst 3 month CD rate is Bank of America. Bank of America's 3 month CD rate is 0.03 percent.

Just across the Hudson River in New York, First Central Savings Bank is offering 3 month rates at 1.01 percent. Across the Delaware River in Pennsylvania, BankDirect also tops the PA 3 month interest rate list with a rate of 0.75 percent.

Highest 3 Month CD Rates in New Jersey

  • BankDirect 0.75% APY Min $10,000
  • Ally Bank 0.74% APY Min $ 1
  • Discover Bank 0.70% APY Min $2500
  • Third Federal 0.70% APY Min $500
  • Nationwide Bank 0.70% APY Min$10,000
  • Giantbank.com 0.65% APY Min $2500
  • EverBank 0.60% APY Min $1500
  • Tennessee Commerce Bank 0.60% APY Min $2500

Lowest 3 Month CD Rates in New Jersey

  • Wachovia Bank 0.01% APY Min $10,000 
  • Bank of America 0.03% APY Min $10,000 
  • HSBC Advance 0.05% APY Min $1000 
  • Regions Bank 0.05% APY Min $2500 
  • Chase 0.10% APY Min $10,000 
  • SunTrust Bank 0.10% APY Min $10,000 
  • Zions Bank 0.10% APY Min $1000 
  • Citibank 0.20% APY Min $10,000 
  • Allstate Bank 0.25% APY Min $1000 
  • Coastline FCU 0.25% APY Min $1000

Author: Robert Till
September 24th, 2010

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