Millennium Bank CD Rates: Best CD Rates 1 Year CD APY at 1.46%

Millennium Bank based in Junction City, Kansas, is offering some of the best bank CD rates available right now. Millennium Bank's current CD rates on 12 month certificates of deposit are at 1.45% with a CD yield of 1.46%. That rate is much higher than the national average 12 month rate of 0.53% as reported by

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Millennium Bank's shorter term CD rates are also very competitive. Current 91 day bank CD rates are at 0.60% with a bank CD yield of 0.60%. The national average 3 month rate is much less at 0.24%.182 day CD rates are at 1.00% with a yield of 1.01%. The national average 6 month rate is only 0.28%.

CD Rates Millennium Bank

91 Day CD Rate 0.60% CD Yield 0.60% 

182 Day CD Rate 1.00% CD Yield 1.01% 

9 Month CD Rate 1.10% CD Yield 1.11% 

1 Year CD Rate 1.45% CD Yield 1.46% 

2 Year CD Rate 1.70% CD Yield 1.72% 

3 Year CD Rate 1.90% CD Yield 1.92% 

4 Year CD Rate 2.10% CD Yield 2.13% 

5 Year CD Rate 2.50% CD Yield 2.53%

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Author: Jason P. Jones
July 23rd, 2011

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