Northern California CD Rates

The national average 12 month CD interest rate is currently 0.617 percent. You can find bank interest rates higher than the national average. We searched our 12 month CD rates list in Northern California and found Bank of Internet USA is offering 12 month rate at 1.40 percent with a yield of 1.41 percent. We also found Discover Bank and Sallie Mae both offering 1 year rates at  1.29 percent with a yield of 1.30 percent.

If you're thinking about investing in a short term certificates of deposit we also have rate lists for 3 month and 6 month certificates of deposit. The highest 3 month CD rate on our list in Northern California La Jolla Bank. The bank is currently offering 3 month rates at 0.70 percent with a yield of 0.70 percent.

Second on our 3 month Northern CA list is Ally Bank with a rate and yield of 0.64 percent. The third best rate on our list goes to three different banks. Discover Bank, Nationwide Bank and Luther Burbank Savings are all offering 3 month rates and yields at 0.60 percent.

Moving onto 6 month rates are some of the same banks. Bank of Internet has the highest 6 month rate at 1.10 percent with a yield of 1.11 percent. Second on our 6 month CA list is La Jolla Bank with a rate and yield of 1.05 percent. Third on our list is Ally Bank with a bank CD rate of 1.04 percent with a bank yield of 1.04 percent. Discover Bank is fourth on our list with an interest rate and yield of 1.00 percent.

Find the best CD rates from banks and credit unions in your area by seaching our interest rate lists here: CD Interest Rates. We also offer a free CD calculator and free CD ladder calculator you can use to help you figure out your return on your investment.

Author: Brian McKay
January 24th, 2011

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