Best 4 Year CD Rates New Jersey: Best 4 Year APY 2.25%

Right now on our list of the best CD rates on 4 year certificates of deposit in New Jersey, several different regional banks are listed with the best CD rate. Hudson City Savings Bank, Bogota Savings Bank, Oritani Savings and Columbia Bank are all offering 4 year CD rates at banks at 2.23% with a bank CD yield of 2.25%.

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The second highest CD rate on our list of 4 year New Jersey CD rates is from Bank of Internet USA. The online bank is offering 4 year CD interest rates at 2.09% with a yield of 2.11%.

A bank and credit union are listed with the third best CD rate on our list in New Jersey. Pentagon Federal Credit Union and Discover Bank are both offering 4 year rates at 1.98% with a yield of 2.00%.

Ally Bank is next on our list with a 4 year CD rate of 1.97% with an APY of 1.99%. Ally Bank's 4 year certificate of deposit is their Raise Your Rate CD which allows you to bump up the CD rate once during the 4 year term if rates go higher.

Rounding out the top 5 New Jersey CD rates is Nationwide Bank and First Internet Bank of IN. Both 4 year bank CD rates are at 1.93% with a yield of 1.95%.

Author: Brian McKay
July 18th, 2011

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