Best CD Rates at 1.25 Percent vs. Credit Union of Emporia Certificate Rates at 0.90

Most of the time you can find credit union CD rates that are higher than bank CD rates...most of the time, that is. Credit Union of Emporia, based in Emporia, Kansas, is offering competitive certificate rates but the credit union's rates are not the best CD rates available when compare to current bank CD rates.

For example, the highest CD rates at Credit Union of Emporia are at 0.90 percent for a 24 month certificate. While a rate of 0.90 percent is higher than the average 2 year CD rates at banks reported at 0.40 percent in the FDIC's rate survey this week, the highest bank CD rates on 2 year certificates of deposit are around 1.25 percent.

Other Credit Union of Emporia rates available right now include the credit union's 6 month certificate rate of 0.40 percent. The current FDIC national average 6 month CD rate at banks is at 0.16 percent. The highest 6 month rates available right now on our rate table are at 0.91 percent.

Credit Union of Emporia 12 month certificate rates are currently offered at 0.60 percent, above the current FDIC 12 month average bank rate of 0.25 percent. The best 12 month rates on our rate list are at 1.11 percent, almost double Credit Union of Emporia's 12 month rate.

CD Rates at Credit Union of Emporia

  • 6 months Rate 0.40%
  • 12 months Rate 0.60%
  • 18 months Rate 0.70%
  • 24 months Rate 0.90%

Credit Union of Emporia has been around for over 50 years. The credit uion formed in 1953 by seven Santa Fe Railroad employees. It was originally called the “Emporia Santa Fe Credit Union”. In 1985, the members voted to change the name to “Credit Union of Emporia. The credit union is also a financially strong credit union and has a Five-Star rating from Bauerfinancial.

Credit Union of Emporia Financials

The credit union's most current financial information from the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) is listed below.

Total Members: 3,410

Total Employees: 7

Total Assets: $13,684,600

Total Loans: $7,463,750

Net Worth Ratio: 15.46%

Share Growth: 6.90%

Loan Growth: 8.74%

Loan Assets Ratio: 54.54%

Investment Assets Ratio: 41.11%

You can see how this credit union's certificate rates compare with other credit union certificate rates and bank CD rates by using our rate table below.

Author: Jason P. Jones
November 23rd, 2012

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