Best CD Rates on 12 Month CDs at 1.19%

Best CD Rates: The current national average 12 month certificate of deposit rate is at 0.48% as reported by The FDIC's national CD rates on 12 month CDS is even lower at 0.39%. Of course you can find 12 month rates higher than the averages. Right now on our list of the highest CD rates on 12 month CDs Sallie Mae Bank has the best rate at 1.19% with a yield of 1.20%.

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The second highest CD rate on our list of national rates is Aurora Bank. Aurora is offering 1 year bank CD rates at 1.15% with bank CD yields at 1.16%. Both Sallie Mae and Aurora Bank are offering rates more than double the  national averages.

The third best CD rate on our list is from Discover Bank and Giantbank. Both banks are offering 1 year bank CD rates at 1.14% with a yield of 1.15%.

Ally Bank has the fourth best rate on our national CD rate list. Ally Bank’s CD rates on 1 year certificates of deposit are at 1.13% with a yield of 1.14%. Rounding out the top 5 national CD rates is with a 1 year rate of 1.11% with a yield of 1.15%. Last month E-loan topped our rate list but has since lowered 1 year rates.

Author: Lisa Graham
September 7th, 2011

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