Best Houston CD Rates – 3 Month CDs at 0.71%

Economic problems across the world are continuing to keep interest rates near record lows. As a result CD rates are also low and will continue to be so for the rest of 2011. Right now on our CD rates list in Houston, Texas, E-Loan has the best CD rate. is currently offering 3 month CD rates at 0.71% with a CD yield of 0.71%.  CD rates are expected to remain low in 2011 so investing in certificates of deposit with terms of 6 months for less is the way to go. When rates do start going higher you can ride the wave higher by being more liquid right now in short term CDs.

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The second best CD rate on our list in Houston, TX, is from Tennessee Commerce Bank. The bank's current 3 month CD interest rate is 0.60% with a CD yield of 0.60%.

The third best interest rate on our 3 month list of certificate of deposit rates in Houston is from Beal Bank. The bank is offering 3 month rates at 0.51% with a yield of 0.51%. Beal Bank is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and according to their website specialize in offering deposit customers competitive rates on term deposit accounts through certificates of deposit (CDs), money market accounts, and other savings products.

Three different banks have the fourth highest rate on our list. Discover Bank, Bank of the West and Nationwide Bank are all offering 90 day CD rates at 0.50% with an APY of 0.50%.

Rounding out the top 5 bank CD rates is Ally Bank. Ally is offering 3 month bank CD rates at 0.49% with an APY of 0.49%. In addition to regular certificates of deposit Ally Bank also offers a No Penatly CD and a Raise Your Rate CD. Both types of CDs have longer CD terms and better CD rates than their 3 month CD.

The interest rates listed above are all well above the current national average 3 month CD rate of 0.254% as reported by

Author: Robert Till
May 23rd, 2011

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