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Best National 4 Year CD Rates: Best CD Rate at 2.09%

Right now on our list of national 4 year CD rates Bank of Internet USA is currently offering the highest CD rate. Bank of Internet's 4 year bank CD rate is at 2.09% with an APY of 2.11%. Bank of Internet's rate is more than the current national average rate of 1.44% as reported by the best CD rates and credit union CD rates by searching our rate tables at second best CD rate on our 4 year national CD rates list is from Discover Bank and Pentagon Federal Credit Union. Both institutions are offering 49 month rates at 1.98% with a yield of 2.00%.

The third highest CD rate is from Ally Bank. The bank's 4 year Raise Your Rate CD has a CD interest rate of 1.97% with a yield of 1.99%. You are allowed to ask the bank to raise the interest rate on this CD account if interest rates go higher during the 4 year CD term. You can only raise the rate once. First Internet Bank of IN and Nationwide Bank have the fourth best rate on our list. 4 year CD rates at both banks are currently at 1.93% with a CD yield of 1.95%. Rounding out the top 5 rates on our list is Tennessee Commerce Bank with a rate of 1.88% and a yield of 1.90%. On the other end of the rate list is BankDirect. The bank is currently offering 4 year CD rates at CD yields at only 0.25%. Keybank is next with a 4 year rate and yield of 0.45%.  Several big banks are also at the bottom of our rate list. Chase Bank and Bank of America are offering rates and yields at 0.75%. HSBC Advance and Wells Fargo Bank are next with a rate and yield of 0.80%. 

National 4 Year CD Yields 1.50% and Above

Bank of Internet USA Yield 2.11% Min $1000  Discover Bank Yield 2.00% Min $2500  PenFed Yield 2.00% Min $1000  Ally Bank Yield 1.99% Min $ 1  Nationwide Bank Yield 1.95% Min $10,000  First Internet Bank of IN Yield 1.95% Min $1000  Tennessee Commerce Bank Yield 1.90% Min $2500  EverBank Yield 1.87% Min $1500  American Express Bank FSB Yield 1.60% Min $ 0 Yield 1.50% Min $1000 

National 5 Year CD Yields Below 1.50%

Bank of America Yield 1.45% Min $10,000 Yield 1.35% Min $10,000  Columbia State Bank Yield 1.26% Min $10,000  Seattle Bank Yield 1.25% Min $1000  Capital One Direct Banking Yield 1.25% Min $5000  ING DIRECT Yield 1.25% Min $ 1  Citibank Yield 1.15% Min $10,000  Wells Fargo Bank Yield 0.80% Min $10,000  HSBC Advance Yield 0.80% Min $1000  Chase Yield 0.75% Min $10,000  Bank of America Yield 0.75% Min $10,000  Chase Yield 0.75% Min $10,000  KeyBank Yield 0.45% Min $10,000  BankDirect Yield 0.25% Min $10,000
Author: Brian McKay
July 12th, 2011