CD Rates at Melrose Credit Union

Melrose Credit Union of Queens, New York is advertising some of the highest CD rates available right now. Melrose Credit Union is advertising regular share certificates of deposit and Individual Retirement Account (IRA) certificates of deposit. Deposit terms range between 1 year and 5 years. The credit union is also advertising Financial Institution CD rates that aren't as high as the personal CD rates.

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Melrose Credit Union’s 12 month personal CD rate is one of the best CD interest rates currently available. The credit union's current 12 month CD interest rate is 1.75 percent with an annual percentage yield of 1.76 percent. That CD rate is a considerably higher than the current 12 month national average 12 month CD rate of .83 percent.

Melrose Credit Union’s 12 month CD rate for financial institutions isn't as high as the personal CD rate. The current Financial Institutional CD rate is 1.25 percent with an APY of 1.26 percent.

Melrose Credit Union Personal CD Rates & IRA CD Rates

  • 1 Year CD Interest Rates 1.75% CD Yield 1.76%
  • 2 Year CD Rate 2.00% CD Yield 2.02%
  • 3 Year CD Interest Rate 2.50% CD Yield 2.52%
  • 4 Year CD Rates 2.75% CD Yield 2.78%
  • 5 Year CD Rates 3.25% CD Yield 3.29%

Melrose Credit Union Financial Instituion CD Rates

  • 1 Year CD Rate 1.25% CD Yield 1.26%
  • 2 Year CD Rates 1.50% CD Yield 1.51%
  • 3 Year CD Rate 2.00% CD Yield 2.02%
  • 4 Year CD Rates 2.25% CD Yield 2.27%
  • 5 Year CD Rate 2.75% CD Yield 2.78%

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Author: Brian McKay
July 10th, 2010

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