Certificate Rates at Chessie Federal Credit Union 1 Year Rates at 1.25%

CD Rates: Chessie Federal Credit Union (CFCU) of Cumberland, Maryland, is offering certificate rates that are some of the best certificate rates available right now. In fact, CFCU's share rates are higher than most CD rates at banks right now.

To give you an idea of how good their rates are 12 month to 23 month share dividend rates are currently at 1.25% with a share dividend yield of 1.26%. The current national average 12 month CD rates are only at 0.47%.

Chessie Federal Credit Union's other certificate rates are well above the national averages. 6 month to 11 month share rates are currently at 0.95% with a CD yield of 0.95%, the current 6 month national average CD rate is at 0.30%.

If you're interested in share savings rates the credit union is offering rates at 0.75%. You can find savings account rates higher than this rate, many national banks are offering rates around 1.00%. On the other hand the credit union's IRA savings rates and Educational savings rates are some of the highest available at 2.00% with a yield of 2.02%.

Current Share Rates at Chessie Federal Credit Union

6-11 month Rates 0.95% Yields 0.95%

12-23 month Rates 1.25% Yields 1.s6%

24-35 month Rates 1.55% Yields 1.56%

36 month Rates 1.75% Yields 1.76%

48 month Rates 1.95% Yields 1.96%

60 month Rates 2.15% Yields 2.17%

A list of current rates and Information about joining Chessie Federal Credit Union can be found at chessiefcu.org.

Author: Jason P. Jones
September 9th, 2011

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