Certificate Rates (CD Rates) at Freedom Credit Union

Just over two years ago we did a review of Freedom Credit Union and the certificate rates (CD rates) the credit union was offering. At the time Freedom Credit Union was offering certificate rates that were some of the best rates available from any credit union in Pennsylvania which is where Freedom CU is based. In fact their rates were so good the best CD rates at banks were not as good.

Back in 2010 Freedom credit union 12 month certificate rates were at 1.54 percent with an APY of 1.55 percent. The highest CD rates at banks were just under 1.50 percent. Today's 12 month certificate rates at Freedom are at 0.70 percent with an APY of 0.70 percent. Current 12 month bank CD rates are averaging only 0.26 percent in the FDIC's weekly survey this week.

All CD rates at banks and credit union CD rates have been going lower the past several years so Freedom offering rates at less than half they were two years ago isn't unusual. The highest CD rates on 1 year certificates of deposit are just above 1.00 percent which makes Freedom's 1 year rate still competitive at 0.70 percent.

Current Certificate Rates at Freedom Credit Union

  • 6 Month CD Rates 0.50% APY 0.50%
  • 12 Month CD Rates 0.70% APY 0.70%
  • 18 Month CD Rates 0.75% APY 0.75%
  • 24 Month CD Rates 1.00% APY 1.00%
  • 36 Month CD Rates 1.39% APY 1.40%
  • 48 Month CD Rates 1.69% APY 1.70%
  • 60 Month CD Rates 1.98% APY 2.00%

Certificate Rates Back on June 2010

  • 6 Month CD Rates 1.24% APY 1.25%
  • 12 Month CD Rates 1.54% APY 1.55%
  • 18 Month CD Rates 1.74% APY 1.75%
  • 24 Month CD Rates 2.08% APY 2.10%
  • 36 Month CD Rates 2.42% APY 2.45%
  • 48 Month CD Rates 2.86% APY 2.90%
  • 60 Month CD Rates 3.06% APY 3.10%

At this point in time you're best bet is probably to stay with certificate terms of 1 year or less since rates are so low. Before investing in a credit union share certificate you must join the credit union. You also have to be eligible to join any credit union. You can see how Freedom Credit Union's rates compare to all bank CD rates by using our rate tables below.

Author: Jason P. Jones
October 2nd, 2012

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