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Dover Federal Credit Union CD Rates

Dover Federal Credit Union is offering one of the highest CD rates on a 5 year certificate (certificate of deposit). The current 5 year CD rate is 2.23% with a CD yield of 2.25%. That rate is better than the national average 5 year CD rates at banks and credit unions which is at 1.72%.
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Dover Federal Credit Union is offering that 5 year rate on both regular share certificates and IRA share certificates. Some of the other advertised credit union CD rates include 6 month rates (not available for an IRA) and yields at 0.80%. 1 year CD interest rates and CD interest yields are at 1.00%. That is better than the current national average 1 year rate of 0.539%. CD Rates at Dover Federal Credit Union 6-Month Yield 0.8% 12-Month Yield 1.00% 18-Month Yield 1.1% 24-Month Yield 1.25% 30-Month Yield 1.6% 36-Month Yield 1.75% 4-Year Yield 2.00% 5-Year Yield 2.25% IRA CD Rates at Dover FCU 1 Year Yield 1.00% 2 Year Yield 1.25% 3 Year Yield 1.75% 4 Year Yield 2.00% 5 Year Yield 2.25% Use our free certificate of deposit calculator to figure out how much interest you can earn on Dover FCU's certificates.
Author: Brian McKay
July 18th, 2011