Island Federal Credit Union Certificate (CD) Rates

Island Federal Credit Union (IFCU) is offering competitive share certificate rates from any credit union on Long Island. While IFCU's certicate (CD) rates are not the highest rate offered on a cd from a credit union around they are better than most. Since rates are so low these days you won't see 1 year certificate rates or CD rates much higher than 1 percent.

Current 1 year IFCU certificate rates are at 0.70 percent with an APY of 0.70 percent. Some bank CD rates are curently higher than this credit union's rates. Current 1 year CD rates at CIT Bank are at 1.09 percent with an APY of 1.10 percent.

You can get a list of the best CD rates in your area by searching our CD rates list here:

Island Credit Union Certificate Rates

  • 3 - Month Rate .40% APY.40%
  • 6 - Month Rate .55% APY.55%
  • 12 - Month Rate .70% APY.70%
  • 18 - Month SPECIAL Rate 1.20% APY1.21%
  • 24 - Month Rate 1.25% APY1.26%
  • 24 - Month IRA SPECIAL Rate 1.45% APY1.46%
  • 36 - Month Rate 1.55% APY1.56%
  • 48 - Month Rate 1.70% APY1.71%
  • 60 - Month Rate 1.90% APY1.92%

As you can see longer term share certificate (CD) rates at IFCU are more competitive than their shorter term rates. The 60 month rate is very competitive right now. When you compare IFCU's 60 month rate of 1.90 percent to rates on our list their rate is actually higher than any bank rate listed.

For a list of current certificate (CD) rates at IFCU go to the credit union's website here: Island Federal Credit Union Certificate Rates.

Author: Jason P. Jones
July 8th, 2012

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