Max Credit Union CD Rates

Max Credit Union of Montgomery, Alabama, is advertising competitive certificate of deposit rates (dividend rates). Max Credit Union is offering certificates of deposit with terms ranging between 1 month and 5 years. Max Credit Union also offers several different savings calculators in the "Learn and Plan" section. They don't seem to offer a CD calculator but we offer a free CD calculator you can use to calculate your return.

Max Credit Union's 30 day certificate of deposit has a current CD rate of 0.30 percent with an annual percentage yield of 0.30 percent. Most banks and credit unions don't even offer a 30 day certificate of deposit so if you're looking for a short term place to stash your cash a 30 day certificate of deposit is the way to go.

Max Credit Union's short term CD rates are more competitive than the credit union's long term CD rates. To give you an example, the Max Credit Union's 60 month CD rate is 1.64 percent. Which is below the national average 60 month CD rate. You can also find 60 month CD rates at banks and credit unions a lot higher than their rate. Right now several banks and credit union's 60 month CD rates are just above 3.00 percent.

Max Credit Union CD Rates

  • 30 Day CD Rates 0.30% APY 0.30%
  • 60 Day CD Rates 0.40% APY 0.40%
  • 90 Day CD Rates 0.75% APY 0.75%
  • 6 Month CD Rates 0.85% APY 0.85%
  • 12 Month CD Rates 0.95% APY 0.95%
  • 18 Month CD Rates 1.10% APY 1.10%
  • 24 Month CD Rates 1.20% APY 1.20%
  • 30 Month CD Rates 1.64% APY 1.65%
  • 36 Month CD Rates 1.64% APY 1.65%

For information about joining Max Credit Credit Union and a current list of the credit union's CD dividend rates go to

Author: CD Rates
August 4th, 2010

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