Parda FCU CD Rates

Parda FCU CD RatesParda Federal Credit Union CD rates are not the best CD rates available right now but they are competitive when compared to brick and mortar branch CD rates. 12 month CD rates at Parda Federal Credit Union are at 0.65 percent. 2 year CD rates at Parda FCU are at 0.90 percent. 3 year CD rates at Parda FCU are at 1.15 percent 4 year CD rates from Parda FCU are at 1.41 percent and 5 year CD rates are at 1.76 percent.

As with any credit union you have to be a member to open a certificate account. Parda CU's membership includes any employee or retiree of an approved Select Employee Group (SEG) or their family members. Family members include mother, father, sisters, brothers, children, grandchildren, grandparents, adoptive and step families. You can also join Parda as a consumer through the American Consumer Council (ACC).

Parda was founded in 1937 and currently has  more than $170 million in assets and over 17,000 members nationwide.

Parda was founded by 7 volunteers back in 1937. Apparently a cigar box served as the first “money till” -- sometimes referred to as the “vault."

Author: Brian McKay
December 28th, 2018

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