Southbride Credit Union Term Certificate Rates (CD Rates)

Southbride Credit Union based in Southbride MA, is offering certificates with terms ranging from 6 months to 60 months. The current share certificate rates at Southbride CU are competitive and better than the national average CD rates. While the credit union's rates are competitive their rates are not the best CD rates around.

Current 6 month share certificate are currently available at 0.25 percent with an APY of 0.25 percent. Ally Bank and Discover Bank CD rates at banks are considerably higher than Southbride's rates.

6 month Ally Bank CD rates are currently advertised at 0.74 percent and 6 month Discover Bank CD rates are advertised at 0.75 percent. These two rates are some of the best CD rates available from any bank or credit unions.

7 month share certificate rates at the credit union are also being offered at 0.25 percent. Current 12 month share rates are advertised at 0.40 percent with an APY of 0.40 percent. This rate is also better than the averages but not the highest CD rate around.

Share CD Rates at Southbride Credit Union

6 Month Rate 0.25% APY 0.25%

7 Month Rate 0.25% APY 0.25%

12 Month Rate 0.40% APY 0.40%

18 Month Rate 0.65% APY 0.65%

24 Month Rate 0.75% APY 0.75%

30 Month Rate 0.85% APY 0.85%

36 Month Rate 1.05% APY 1.05%

48 Month Rate 1.19% APY 1.20%

60 Month Rate 1.39% APY 1.40%

Southbride CU is also offering IRA share certificates which have IRA CD rates 10 basis points lower than the rates listed above for each term. You have to live, work or worship in certain counties in MA to be able to join this credit union. For more information and a list of current share certificate rates go to

Author: Brian McKay
July 1st, 2012

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