The Golden 1 Credit Union IRA Certificates of Deposit

The Golden 1 Credit Union is offering two promotional IRA certificates, a 28 month IRA certificate and a 55 month IRA certificate. The annual percentage yield (APY) on the 28 month IRA certificate of deposit is 2.00 percent and the 55 month IRA certificate of deposit has an APY of 3.00 percent.

Both certificates require a checking account and direct deposit or an IRA rollover of $50,000 or more from another financial institution.

Never heard of "The Golden 1 Credit Union"? Well, according to their site they are "California's leading financial cooperative, and the sixth largest credit union in the U.S. with nearly $7 billion in assets and more than 600,000 members."

For more information on The Golden 1 Credit Union's promotional certificates visit: The Golden 1

Author: Brian McKay
March 10th, 2010

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