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USAlliance Credit Union Best CD Rates

USAllianceCredit Union with multiple locations in Massachusetts and New York, is offering some of the highest CD rates available right now. The credit union's 3 month CD rates are at 0.75% with a CD yield of 0.75%. The national average 3 month CD rates at banks and credit unions is only 0.24% as reported by the highest CD rates in your area by searching our rate tables here: Best CD rates.The credit union's current CD rates on 2 year certificates is currently at 1.60% with a CD yield of 1.61%. The minimum opening deposit is $500. The 2 year rate is almost double the national average 2 year CD rate of 0.85%.

Other snort term certificate rates at the credit union include their 6 month rate at 90%, 9 month rate at 0.95% and their 12 month rate at 1.05% with a yield of 1.06%. For a complete list of certificate rates at the credit union go to: USAlliance Credit Union Certificate Rates.
Author: Robert Till
July 15th, 2011