3 Month CD Rates

CD rates are so low these days but rates will be heading higher this year. That being said, we recommend that you invest in shorter term certificates of deposits so you can take advantage of higher CD rates when rates do rise.

The average 3 month CD rate is currently at 0.485 percent. First Federal Bank of California is currently offering the best 3 month certificate of deposit on our CD rate tables for the state of California.

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Their current CD rate is 1.15 percent with an APY of 1.15 percent. That rate is more than double the current average 3 month CD rate.  The minimum opening deposit is $500.

First Federal isn't the only bank offering a 3 month certificate of deposit rate more than double the national average rate. Bank Direct is offering a 3 month CD rate of 1.11 percent, La Jolla Bank is offering a 3 month CD rate of 1.10 percent and Luther Burbank Savings is offering a 3 month CD rate of 1.00 percent.

You can find the best CD rates in your area by searching our CD tables: Best CD Rates

Author: Lisa Graham
February 18th, 2010

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