Ally Bank CD Rates: Current 1 Year APY at 1.02%

Ally Bank consistently offers some of the best CD rates available. Right now, Ally Bank CD rates on 12 month certificates of deposit are at 1.01% with an APY of 1.02%. This rate is for Ally Bank's regular "high yield" certificate of deposit.

In addition to offering their High Yield CDs, Ally also offers two special certificates of deposit including their Raise Your Rate CD and a No Penalty CD. The current 11 month No Penalty CD rate is at 0.93 which is almost 10 basis points lower than the High Yield rate but with this CD account you're allowed to withdraw your money at any time without paying an early withdrawal penalty.

The Raise Your Rate CD is available in two terms, 2 years and 4 years. You're allowed to raise the interest rate once with the 2 year CD and twice with the 4 year CD. You can raise the CD rate at any time if the rate goes higher. The current 2 year CD rate is at 1.09% with an APY of 1.10% and the 4 year CD rate is 1.48% with an APY of 1.49%. There is no minimum deposit to open any of these CD accounts at Ally.

In addition to the CD terms and rates listed above Ally Bank is also offering these CDs and rates.

Ally Bank CD Rates

  • 3 Months Rate 0.39% APY 0.39%
  • 6 Months Rate 0.74% APY 0.74%
  • 9 Months Rate 0.74% APY 0.74%
  • 12 Months Rate 1.01% APY 1.02%
  • 18 Months Rate 0.94% APY 0.94%
  • 3 Years Rate 1.29% APY 1.30%
  • 5 Years Rate 1.73% APY 1.74%

Opening a CD account at Ally Bank is quick and easy. The bank's website is very intuitive and easy to navigate. If you perfer speaking with someone directly you can also talk to an Ally Bank rep over the phone or via chat 24 hours a day. For more information and to open an account go to

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Author: Brian McKay
March 22nd, 2012

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