Bank of America CD Rates

Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), which just reported a $9.1 billion loss in the second quarter because of a $8.5 billion settlement with investors, is offering CD rates which are lower than the national average rates.

Current 12 month (12 to 17 month) bank CD rates at Bank of America are 0.45% with a CD yield of 0.45%. The current national average 12 month rate is higher at 0.53% as reported by

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Other Bank of America CD rates are also lower than the averages. 2 year ( 24 to 35 months) Bank of America CD interest rates are at 0.60% while the 2 year national average rate is 0.85%.

Bank of America is offering some CD rates higher than the national average. 3 month (90 to 179 days) bank CD rates are at 0.28% while the national average is less at 0.24%.

5 year (60 to 119 months) CD rates at Bank of America are at 1.78% while the 5 year national average rate is at 1.74%.

Author: Lisa Graham
July 19th, 2011

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