Best 24 Month CD Rates at 1.30% Well Above the Average 2 Year CD Rate of 0.95 Percent

This past week didn't see any big moves in average 24 month CD rates but the best CD rates on our rate list moved higher. Average 2 year bank CD rates this week are at 0.95 percent, unchanged from last week's average 2 year rate. The FDIC also publishes a weekly average rate and in this week's FDIC survey the average 2 year rate as at 0.40 percent, no change from the prior week's average rate.

The highest CD rates this week on our rate list are from NexBank at 1.29 percent with an APY of 1.30 percent. NexBank is the new leader on our 2 year rate list. The prior week's best 2 year CD rate, now the second highest rate, is from AloStar Bank at 1.25 percent with an APY of 1.26 percent.

The third best 2 year certificate of deposit rate this week is from Barclays Bank. Current Barclays Bank CD rates on 2 year certificates of deposit are at 1.24 percent with an APY of 1.25 percent. The top 3 rates on our rate list are more than 3 times the FDIC average 2 year rate this week.  Below is a list of the top CD rates on 24 month CD accounts this week.

  • NexBank SSB CD Rates 1.29% APY 1.30%
  • Alostar Bank CD Rates 1.25% APY 1.26%
  • Barclays Bank CD Rates 1.24% APY 1.25%
  • CIT Bank CD Rates 1.19% APY 1.20%
  • Able Banking CD Rates 1.18% APY 1.19%
  • Virtual Bank CD Rates 1.15% APY 1.16%
  • Doral Bank CD Rates 1.14% APY 1.15%
  • Discover Bank CD Rates 1.14% APY 1.15%
  • Ally Bank CD Rates 1.13% APY 1.14%

Another point worth mentioning about the rates listed above is these rates are also well above the FDIC average jumbo CD rates at banks which are at 0.41 percent. Use our rate table below to search for the highest CD rates for any certificate of deposit term. We list rates both locally and nationally to make sure you get the best rates out there!

Author: Jason P. Jones
December 10th, 2012

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