Best CD Rates: One Year CD Rates

One year CD rates are averaging .98 percent this morning. CD rates are will aren't expected to head higher until the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2010 when the Federal Reserve Bank rasies the Fed funds rate. 

When the Fed funds rate heads higher banks will raise CD rates and savings rates. Since interest rates are expected to go higher later this year we recommend staying in short term certificate of deposit accounts. The longest term CD we would invest in is a one year CD.

Although the average one year CD rate is less than 1.00 percent you can find CD rates higher than the average rate. Tennessee Commerce Bank is offering the best bank CD rate on our list of 12 month certificates of deposit.

The bank's current CD rate is 1.69 percent with an APY of 1.70 percent. The minimum opening deposit is $2,500. Next in line on our 12 month certificate of deposit table is Discover Bank, their current CD rate is 1.59 percent with an APY of 1.60 percent. Their minimum opening deposit is also $2,500.

Here is a list of CD yields higher than the average in Tallahassee, Florida. You can find the best CD rates and CD yields in your area by searching our Best CD Rates and Yields.

Tennessee Commerce Bank 1.70% APY Min $2500   

Discover Bank 1.60% APY Min $2500      

Ally Bank 1.59% APY Min $ 1   

AIG Bank 1.56% APY Min $2500     

EverBank 1.55% APY Min $1500   

American Express Bank FSB 1.50% APY Min $ 0 1.46% APY Min $2500      

UFB Direct 1.45% APY Min $8000      

Nationwide Bank 1.45% APY Min $10000      

Bank of Internet USA 1.40% APY Min $1000      

Allstate Bank 1.30% APY Min $1000     

Third Federal 1.30% APY Min $500      

BancorpSouth 1.30% APY Min $1000

PenFed 1.25% APY Min $1000      

ING DIRECT 1.25% APY Min $ 1   

First Internet Bank of IN 1.25% APY Min $1000      

Coastline FCU 1.25% APY Min $1000     

BankDirect 1.11% APY Min $10000     

HSBC Direct 1.01% APY Min $1000 1.00% APY Min $10000      

Ameriprise Bank FSB 1.00% APY Min $2500

Compare CD rates and CD yields in your zip code by searching our certificate of deposit tables: CD Rates and CD Yields

Author: Brian McKay
March 1st, 2010

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