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Best National 5 Year CD Rates, Highest APY 2.75%

Right now on our list of national 5 year CD rates at banks and credit unions Union Savings Bank has the highest CD rate. Union Savings Bank's current 5 year CD rate is 2.71% with a CD yield of 2.75%. Union Savings Bank's rate is more than the 5 year national average rate of 1.758% as reported by Monitor Bank Rates.

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The second highest CD rate on our 5 year national list is from EverBank. The bank's current 5 year CD interest rate is 2.47% with a yield of 2.50%. EverBank's rate is also well above the national average rate. 

Coming in with the third best CD rate is Bank of Internet. The Online Bank is offering 60 month CD rates at 2.46% with a yield of 2.49%.

The fourth highest rate is from First Internet Bank of IN. The bank is offering 5 year certificates of deposit with a rate of 2.37% and a yield of 2.40%.

Rounding out the top 5 rates on our list is Ally Bank. The bank's current 5 year rate is 2.36% with a yield of 2.39%.

Right behind Ally Bank's rate is Tennessee Commerce Bank and Discover Bank. Both banks are offering rates at 2.32% with a yield of 2.35%.

On the low end of our rate list is BankDirect. The bank is currently offering 5 year yields at only 0.20%. Also at the bottom of our list are several big banks. HSBC Advance's 5 year yield is 0.80% and Wachovia Bank's yield is 1.05%. Two of the largest banks, Citibank and Chase Bank are offering 5 year yields at 1.25%. You can find 1 year bank CD rates higher than their 5 year rate.

National 5 Year CD Yields Above 2.00%

Union Savings Bank Yield 2.75% Min $1000 
First County Bank Yield 2.50% Min $1000 
EverBank Yield 2.50% Min $1500 
Bank of Internet USA Yield 2.49% Min $1000 
First Internet Bank of IN Yield 2.40% Min $1000 
Ally Bank Yield 2.39% Min $ 1 
Discover Bank Yield 2.35% Min $2500 60 mo
Tennessee Commerce Bank Yield 2.35% Min $2500 
Nationwide Bank Yield 2.30% Min $10,000 
Farmington Savings Bank Yield 2.30% Min $500 
Pentagon Federal Credit Union Yield 2.25% Min $1000 84 mo
Webster Bank Yield 2.25% Min $2500 
AIG Bank Yield 2.25% Min $2500 
Liberty Bank Yield 2.20% Min $500 
American Express Bank FSB Yield 2.15% Min $ 0 
Sallie Mae Yield 2.15% Min $ 1 
Bank of America Yield 2.00% Min $10,000 Yield 2.00% Min $1000

National 5 Year CD Yields Below 2.00%

E Yield 1.90% Min $10,000 Yield 1.87% Min $2500 
Milford Bank Yield 1.75% Min $1000 
Capital One Direct Banking Yield 1.75% Min $5000 
Ameriprise Bank FSB Yield 1.75% Min $10,000 
Bank of America Yield 1.75% Min $10,000 
Peoples Bank Yield 1.75% Min $1000 
Citizens Bank Yield 1.75% Min $1000 
ING DIRECT Yield 1.50% Min $ 1 
Allstate Bank Yield 1.50% Min $1000 
Citibank Yield 1.25% Min $10,000 
Chase Yield 1.25% Min $10,000 
Wachovia Bank Yield 1.05% Min $10,000 
HSBC Advance Yield 0.80% Min $1000 
BankDirect Yield 0.25% Min $10,000
Author: Lisa Graham
June 10th, 2011
Posted in: CD Rates