CD Rates at Banks March 18, 2010

CD Rates at banks are down this week over last. The decline in bank CD rates was fractional, there were no big moves down. The Fed met last week and decided to keep the Fed funds rate in a targeted range of zero percent to one quarter percent which wasn't a surprise. CD interest rates are expected to start heading higher when the Fed raises the Fed funds rate later this year.

The most popular CD term, the 12 month certificate of deposit is averaging 1.032 percent this week. Back in August of 2008 several banks were offering promotional 12 month CD rates that were 5.00 percent. Hopefully we will see those interest CD rates again soon.

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CD Rates at Banks

3 month CD rates at banks are averaging 0.479 percent this week, down from the prior week’s average rate of 0.482 percent.

6 month CD rates are average at 0.765 percent, down from last week’s average interest rate of 0.746 percent.

12 month bank CD interest rates are averaging 1.032 percent, down from the previous average CD rate of 1.034 percent.

18 month interest CD rates are averaging 1.222 percent, down from the prior week’s average rate of 1.225 percent.

24 month CD rates at banks are averaging 1.480 percent this week, down from the previous week’s average of 1.482 percent.

36 month banks CD rates are averaging 1.645 percent,down from the prior week’s average of 1.902 percent.

48 month bank CD rates are averaging 2.087  percent, unchanged from last week’s average rate of 2.087 percent.

60 month CD rates are averaging 2.393 percent, down from the prior week’s average of 2.396 percent.

Author: Robert Till
March 18th, 2010

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