CD Rates California – Highest CD Rate 6 Month CD 0.94%

Current interest rates are low do to the economic uncertainty in the world, as a result CD rates at banks are also near record lows. Finding the highest CD rate can be challenging since the highest rate isn't really that high these days. Right now on our 6 month bank CD rates list in California Ally Bank has the best rate.

Ally Bank is current offering 6 month certificate of deposit rates at 0.94% with an APY of 0.94%. Considering the national average 6 month rate as reported by is only 0.39% Ally's CD rate is high.

Find the best CD rates at banks and credit unions by searching our CD interest rates table at Both national and local financial institutions will be listed in your area offering the highest CD rates.

The second best CD rate on our list in CA is from Discover Bank. The bank is offering 6 month bank CD rates at 0.90% with an APY of 0.90%.

The third highest interest rate on our 6 month list of certificate of deposit rates in CAis from The bank is offering 6 month rates at 0.85% with a yield of 0.85%. Giantbank is headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Two different banks have the fourth best rate on our list. Tennessee Commerce Ban and Nationwide Bank are both offering 120 day bank CD rates at 0.80% with an APY of 0.80%.

Author: Brian McKay
May 26th, 2011

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