CD Rates in Jefferson City, MO

Ally has the best short term 3 month CD interest rate on our list in Jefferson City, Missouri. Ally Bank is currently offering 3 month CD rates at 0.64 percent with a 12 month CD yield of 0.64 percent. Ally's 3 month rate is considerably higher than the national average 3 month rate. Current 3 month national average rates are 0.27 percent. 

The second highest 90 day CD rate in Jefferson City, MO is from Discover Bank and Nationwide Bank. Both banks are currently offering  3 month bank CD rates at 0.60 percent with a bank CD yield of 0.60 percent. and Everbank are tied with the third best 3 month raet in Jefferson City. Giantbank and Everbank are offering 3 month CD rates at banks at 0.55 percent with interest yield of 0.55 percent.

First Internet Bank of IN and Tennessee Commerce Bank are tied with the fourth best interest rate. Both banks are offering 3 month rates at 0.50 percent with a yield of 0.50 percent.

Jefferson City, Missouri CD Rates

Ally Bank 0.64% Min $ 1 

Discover Bank 0.60% Min $2500

Nationwide Bank 0.60% Min $10,000 0.55% Min $2500 

EverBank 0.55% Min $1500 

First Internet Bank of IN 0.50% Min $1000 

Tennessee Commerce Bank 0.50% Min $2500 

Bank of Internet USA 0.35% Min $1000 

Bank of America 0.28% Min $10,000 0.25% Min $10,000 

Ameriprise Bank FSB 0.25% Min $10,000 

Commerce Bank 0.25% Min $2500

Author: Brian McKay
January 31st, 2011

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