Certificate Rates at Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union: Wahoo Certificate 12 Month APY 2.00%

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union based in St. Paul, Minnesota, has what has to be one of the highest 12 month certificate rates. The credit union's Wahoo Certificate has a current rate of 1.98% with an APY of 2.00%. You probably won't find 12 month certificate rates or CD rates higher than that rate. There is a maximum deposit amount of $25,000 that can earn that rate and yield.

As with any credit union you'll have to join Affinity Plus Credit Union  to open a certificate. Information about joining can be found at the credit union's website here: APFCU Membership Info.

If you're unable to join the credit union you can still search for a list of the highest CD rates here: CD Rates. We also have lists of the best savings account rates and if you're looking for a home loan we list current mortgage rates from several lenders here: Current Mortgage Rates.

Other certificate rates at Affinity Plus Credit Union are not as good of a deal when compared to similar rates elsewhere. The credit union's longer term certificate rates are more competitive than the credit union's short term rates. 

Affinity Plus Credit Union Certificate Rates

The credit union is also offering the following regular certificates.

  Dividend Rate APY
3 months .374% .375%
6 months .499%  .500% 
12 months .872% .875%
24 Months 1.243% 1.250% 
36 Months 1.736% 1.750%
48 Months 1.982%        2.000%
60 Months 2.472% 2.500%

The credit union is also offering their Step-Up Certificates which have higher rates than their regular certificate rates. Here is a list of Step-Up Certificate Rates.

1-12 months .374%     .375%    
13-24 months .872% .875%
25-36 months 1.366% 1.375%
37-48 months 2.838% 2.875%
49-60 months 3.808% 3.875%

Author: Lisa Graham
September 14th, 2011

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