Chase Bank CD Rates: 2-Year Term 1.97% APY

Chase Bank CD rates on the bank's 2-year certificate of deposit are currently at 1.95 percent with an 1.97% APY. These 2 year-CD rates at Chase Bank are one of the best CD rates available from a big national bank. In order to earn this high rate, you have to deposit a minimum of $10,000, depositing less than $10k, will get you a paltry rate of 0.02 percent.

Chase Bank 2-Year Rates

Chase Bank 2-Year CD Summary

  • CD interest is compounded daily
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Must have a Chase linked personal checking account
  • Penalties may apply to withdrawals made prior to maturity

Chase Bank Best 2-Year CD Rate

Having a 2-year CD rate of 1.95% with an APY of 1.97%, makes Chase Bank 2-Year CD Rates one of the best 2-year rates around. Depending on the CD term, you can have your CD interest paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually and at maturity.

Author: Brian McKay
July 4th, 2022

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