F&M Bank CD Rates

F&M Bank CD RatesF&M Bank CD rates on their My Choice CDs are some of the best CD rates available right now. 1 year My Choice CD rates at F&M Bank are currently at 2.47 percent with an APY of 2.50 percent. F&M Bank's 2 year My Choice CD rates are at 2.96 percent with an APY of 3.00 percent.

In addition to having some really high CD rates the My Choice CDs also have some unique features. One of the most unusual features of the My Choice CD is that you can withdrawal up to 50 percent of the balance after 6 months without having to pay a penalty. Most banks charge a penalty for an early withdrawal on a CD account and the penalty on a 1 year CD term or less is usually all of the interest earned.

The Step Up option allows you to "step up" the rate after you open the account. With this option, you are allowed to get a higher CD rate if rates increase after you open the account. Electing the "step up" option must be initiated by the account holder.

The minimum opening deposit for these accounts is $1,000 and the maximum deposit is $500,000. Besides these great My Choice CD rates from F&M Bank, the bank is also offering the following regular rates.

Regular CD Rates at F&M Bank

  • 3 Months 0.45%
  • 6 Months 0.60%
  • 9 Months 0.95%
  • 12 Months 1.31%
  • 18 Months 1.41%
  • 24 Months 1.51%
  • 36 Months 1.61%
  • 48 Months 1.76%
  • 60 Months 2.02%

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Author: Brian McKay
March 17th, 2019

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