Highest CD Rates on 12 Month Certificates of Deposit at 1.10%

Right now on our CD rates list for 12 month certificates of deposit the highest CD rates are from CIT Bank and Doral Bank. Both CD rates at banks are going for 1.09% with an annual percentage yield of 1.10 percent. These 1 year bank CD rates are well above bankrate's current national average of 0.71 percent. The FDIC's national average 1 year bank CD interest rate is a lot less at 0.28 percent.

Other CD rates from banks on our list that are well above the averages include Colorado Federal Savings Bank and MetLife Bank CD rates. Both banks are offering 1 year rates at 1.04 percent with an APY of 1.05 percent.

EH National Bank has the third highest CD rates on our list. Current 1 year CD rates at EH National Bank are at 1.02 percent with an APY of 1.03 percent. Ally Bank CD rates are forth on our list at 1.01 percent with an APY of 1.02 percent.

Highest CD Rates 1 Year Certificates of Deposit

  • CIT Bank CD Rates 1.09% APY 1.10%
  • Doral Bank CD Interest Rates 1.09% APY 1.10%
  • MetLife Bank CD Rates 1.04% APY 1.05%
  • Colorado FSB Rates 1.04% APY 1.05%
  • EH National Bank CD Rates 1.02% APY 1.03%
  • Ally Bank CD Rates 1.01% APY 1.02%
  • ableBanking CD rates 1.00% APY 1.00%
  • Ascencia CD Rates 1.00% APY 1.00%
  • California First National Bank Rates 0.93% APY 0.93%
  • Discover Bank CD Rates 0.90% APY 0.90%
  • AIG Bank CD Interest Rates 0.90% APY 0.90%
  • Virtual Bank CD Rates 0.90% APY 0.90%
  • E-Loan CD Rates 0.90% APY 0.90%

All the CD bank rates listed above are at least more than 3 times the FDIC's national average. You can compare many different CD terms and CD rates by searching our rate lists below or above.

Author: Jason P. Jones
August 1st, 2012

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