Jovia Credit Union CD Rates: Best Deal 40-Month CD at 5.25%

jovia Credit Union CD rates are very competitive, especially on the credit union's 40-month CD. Current jovia CD rates on the credit union's 40-month CD, are at 5.25% APY. The rate for the term is one of the best deals around. Yes, there are many banks and credit unions offering 5.00% plus CD rates right now but usually on shorter-term CDs. You can view a complete list of CD rates from joiva credit union below.

CD Rate Overview

Short-Term CDs

  • 3-Month CD: 2.00% APY†, $100 minimum deposit.
  • 6-Month CD: 5.00% APY†, $100 minimum deposit.
  • 12-Month CD: 3.00% APY†, $100 minimum deposit.
  • Mid-Term CDs

  • 15-Month CD Bump¥: 4.50% APY†, $100 minimum deposit.
  • 18-Month CD: 5.25% APY†, $100 minimum deposit.
  • 24-Month CD: 3.50% APY†, $100 minimum deposit.
  • 36-Month CD: 4.00% APY†, $100 minimum deposit.
  • Long-Term CDs

  • 40-Month CD: 5.25% APY†, $100 minimum deposit.
  • 48-Month CD: 3.75% APY†, $100 minimum deposit.
  • 60-Month CD: 2.75% APY†, $100 minimum deposit.
  • Key Terms and Conditions

    Renewal Policy

    If the term you initially selected is no longer available upon renewal, the CD will renew to the closest term that is below the current product.

    Inactivity and Escheatment

    Accounts remaining inactive may be subject to escheatment, in accordance with Jovia Credit Union’s fee schedule and relevant state laws.

    Understanding APY†

    APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is an annualized rate based on a 365-day year, regardless of the actual term. It measures the total dividends paid on an account, assuming all dividends remain in the certificate until maturity. Withdrawals will reduce earnings, and fees could also affect earnings.

    Early Withdrawal Penalties

    Penalties may be imposed for early withdrawal of the deposit, except for certain circumstances like tuition and home purchases.

    Rate Increase

    If the certificate rate increases within five calendar days of account opening, you will earn the higher rate until the certificate’s maturity date. This feature is available only once per term.

    Bump-Up Option¥

    The 15-month CD offers a bump-up option, allowing you to raise your initial rate once during the initial term to either the then-corresponding 1-year or 15-month certificate rate. Your original maturity date will not change.

    Compare CD Rates

    You can easily compare jovia Credit Union's CD (certificate) rates with other banks and credit unions by searching our CD rate tables here: Compare CD Rates.

    Membership Eligibility

    Membership eligibility requirements apply for opening a CD with Jovia Credit Union.

    In summary, Jovia Credit Union provides a flexible and competitive range of CD options. When choosing a CD, it’s crucial to consider not just the rates but also the associated terms and conditions.

    Author: Brian McKay
    October 5th, 2023

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