National CD Rates: Best 12 Month CD Rates 1.14%

The current national average 12 month CD rate is a pathetic 0.45% but you can find CD rates higher than the average. Right now on our 12 month CD rate table Discover Bank is offering rates at 1.14% with an APY of 1.15%. Discover Bank's 12 month rate is almost three times the national average as reported by

You can search and compare the highest CD rates in your area by searching our rates tables here: Highest CD Rates.

Another bank offering 1 year bank CD rates well above the average rate is Aurora Bank. Current 1 year Aurora Bank CD rates are at 1.12% with a yield of 1.13%. The minimum opening deposit for a CD account at Aurora Bank is $1,000. Discover's minimum is $2,500.

Right behind Discover Bank and Aurora Bank with one of the best CD rates at banks is Ally Bank. Ally's current 1 year CD rate is at 1.08% with a CD yield of 1.09%. The minimum opening balance for a CD account at Ally is only $1.

There are many other banks and credit unions offering 1 year CD rates around 1.00% or just above. AIG Bank and are offering rates at 1.04%. Pentagon Federal Credit Union is offering 1 year rates at 0.99% and Union National Bank is offering rates at 0.97%.

Author: Jason P. Jones
October 7th, 2011

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