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We recently expanded our coverage on bank CD rates by offering a list of CD rates that are specific to a particular bank. Until now our rate listings are by product type but now you can see all the CD products and interest rates on those products on our new bank pages.

Here is an example: If you were looking for the best CD rates available on 1 year certificates of deposit. You can easily search our rate tables for a quick listing of rates on 1 year CD accounts for both national rates and regional rates. You can also search for regular, IRA and jumbo CD rates.

Let's say you see a particular bank, like Discover Bank, is offering a really good rate on a 1 year CD so you want to see the bank's other rates. Now you can just click on the bank name on Monitor Bank Rates and you will be taken to a complete list of Discover Bank's CD rates.

New Bank CD Rate Pages on MonitorBankRatescom

Discover Bank has a large variety of CD products so on this page we have rates listed for regular CD accounts, jumbo CD accounts, IRA CD accounts and jumbo IRA CD accounts. To the right is a complete list of Discover Bank's CD rates on regular CD accounts:

You can also compare each bank's rates to other bank rates without ever leaving the page which makes your search for the best rates much easier.

Besides current listings of rates on the bank pages we also list current FDIC information on each bank. With is financial information you can quickly see the bank's total assets, deposits and net income.

Below the bank's rates we also list the most current articles that are related to the bank. Have a look at our new bank pages and let us know what you think by sending us a comment.


Author: Brian McKay
July 14th, 2013

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