Sallie Mae Bank CD Rates: 2.00% APY 12-Month CD, 2.20% APY 15-Month CD, 2.40% APY 18-Month CD (Nationwide)

Sallie Mae Bank CD rates are currently at 2.00 percent for the bank's 12-month certificate of deposit, 2.20 percent for the 15-month CD and 2.40 percent for the 18-month CD. These shorter-term CD rates are very competitive when compared to other online bank CD rates and traditional bank brick and mortar CD rates.

Besides these certificates of deposit, Sallie Mae Bank also offers several other CD terms and CD rates listed below.

Sallie Mae Bank Rates

Sallie Mae Bank CD Summary

All Rates:

  • 6 Month 1.50%
  • 9 Month 1.75%
  • 12 Month 2.00%
  • 13 Month 2.10%
  • 15 Month 2.20%
  • 18 Month 2.40%
  • 24 Month 2.50%
  • 30 Month 2.60%
  • 36 Month 2.75%
  • 60 Month 2.80%

Sallie Bank Bank CD rates are some of the best CD rates currently available and considerably higher than the current national average rates.

Sallie Mae Bank Best CD Rates

As you can see from the CD rates listed above, Sallie Mae Bank's best CD rate is the 5-year CD with a rate of 2.80 percent.


I would say the best CD rate for the term is the 6-month rate of 1.50 percent. The reason why the 6-month rate is the best CD rate is because rates are moving higher and will continue to move higher in 2022. Don't lock your money up in a long-term rate right now, wait until rates peak later this year or early into 2023 before locking in your funds in a long-term CD.

Author: Brian McKay
June 29th, 2022

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