Top 18 Month CD Rates

18 month CD rates are averaging 1.202 percent this week, down from the previous week's average CD rate of 1.212 percent. There are 18 month certificate of deposit rates that are well above the rate. 

Right now, the best CD rate and best CD yield we have on our CD rate table for an 18 month certificate of deposit is from, the current APY is 2.00%. The minimum to open a CD account is $1,000.

Nationwide Bank is next on the list of top 18 month CD rates, the current 18 month certificate of deposit yield on their CD is 1.97 percent. The minimum opening deposit is $10,000. Other higher 18 month CD rates and CD yields include, Discover Bank at 1.85% APY, minimum opening deposit is $2,500 and AIG Bank at 1.75% APY with a minimum deposit of $2,500.

Here is a list of the highest CD rates in Phoenix, Arizona. Search for the best CD rates in your area by using our CD tables. Best CD rates. 2.00% APY Min $1000      

Nationwide Bank1.97% APY Min $10000     

Discover Bank 1.85% APY Min $2500  

AIG Bank 1.75% APY Min $2500

Ally Bank 1.74% APY Min $ 1    

Bank of Internet USA 1.65% APY Min $1000      

American Express Bank FSB 1.65% APY Min $ 1    

EverBank 1.60% APY Min $1500

Tennessee Commerce Bank 1.55% APY Min $2500    

ING DIRECT 1.50% APY Min $ 1      

First Internet Bank of IN 1.45% APY Min $1000 1.45% APY Min $10000

BankDirect 1.21% APY Min $10000

Citibank 1.05% APY Min $10000

HSBC Direct 1.01% APY Min $1000

Bank of America 0.75% APY Min $10000       

Chase 0.50% APY Min $10000  

Firstar Bank 0.50% APY Min $10000    

E*TRADE Bank 0.40% APY Min $1000   

Wachovia Bank 0.40% APY Min $10000     

Zions Bank 0.30% APY Min $1000

Wells Fargo Bank 0.30% APY Min $10000


Author: Brian McKay
January 14th, 2010

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